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September 27, 2013:
A Zelda Sequel for the Wii U is in the works, but plenty of people are looking for Skyward Sword cheats.


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Legend of Zelda: Skwyard Sword Tips, Cheats, and Walkthroughs

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has one of the largest overworlds in the series when you consider the surface area of the sky (which is 3 dimensional, and has islands of floating rocks) in addition to the desert and forest areas. There are treasure chests all over the place, but you have to activate them by finding the right stones to strike with your energized sword. And, you have to wave your controller like a madman, which will confuse any small children in the household.

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Special note: Not every walkthrough has the information you need, but there are some very good guides to this game which can help you find all the bugs, feathers, objects, and items necessary to complete favors for people. Be sure to check out the night vs. day situations because you will want to get everything you need to finish the game, and help people get their pumpkins in the shed, which I still can't do without dropping them.